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Alpine Mountain Survival This 7-day course is offered to clients who wish to train in high mountain survival skills in Canada/US following a Scout program developed for Hong Kong Scouts in 2011. Participants will spend seven days on the mountain, a landscape dominated by snow, ice, alpine meadows and old-growth forests. You’ll learn how to travel over snow and ice, negotiate mountain hazards, protect yourself from wind and snow, cook mountain meals, and pack expedition style. We package food as a team and complete one preparatory hike in Vancouver to check field equipment and fitness levels. The course is contingent on acquisition of a USFS Temporary Use Permit for access into the Mt. Baker Wilderness Area. Early interest is required as permits are limited. Alternative locations in Canada will be chosen if permitting is unsuccessful.

International clients should consider 12-days to complete the event. Local parties can plan 7-days provided all equipment and food is ready to go. 

Who should take this course? This course is aimed toward team building, environmental awareness and personal development. It takes you away from your known skill sets and challenges you in ways never thought possible. This is not “mountaineering” it is alpine survival where surviving means you’ve overcome obstacles that make real-world challenges achievable. You’ll build personal esteem, confidence and strength and leave knowing what it takes to climb the highest of mountains whether in your personal life, at work or in the field.

Equipment required? We provide tents,  group climbing gear, stoves, fuel, and meals. Participants are required to bring their own climbing equipment, foot ware, clothing,  head gear,  backpack, sleep system, and personal equipment. See our illustrated Baker Gear List for what to bring. Click   here   to activate information link. This event focuses on training. An essential skill is food selection, preparation and re-packaging. Meals provided are those typically carried by fast and light alpinist. They require  little preparation other than boiling water. A menu plan is provided prior to the event. Each participant is responsible for carrying their own daily rations and share of group equipment. Food is re-packaged together so each participant can make personal adjustments to the meal plan and learn how to package for a multi-day event. A popular meal  supplement is fresh Canadian Smoked Salmon.

Transportation? Transportation from Vancouver to the mountain is provided. Local visitor travel within and around Vancouver is not provided, but for most events we’ll arrange pick-up.  

July 11-22, 2012
This is 12-day window that allows 1-day to arrive in Vancouver, 1-day to pick-up remaining gear, re-package food and 1-day to complete a training hike to test gear fit and practice moving on snow. The remaining schedule allocates 7-days on the mountain with the last day a leisurely hike-out with return to Vancouver followed by an evening meal with local Scouters. The trip will conclude with a Free Day in Vancouver and a celebratory evening dinner before leaving for the airport and your flight home. However, we do encourage participants to consider a longer stay making it possible to spend time with local Scouters or visit other parts of Beautiful British Columbia. Mountain weather is unpredictable and beyond our control. There is no allowance for weather days in the schedule. We depart on the stated date and return as proposed. July and August are some of Vancouver's best weather months with conditions usually stabilized by strong high-pressure systems. Training windows have been selected to take advantage of these systems. Summit Day expectations are fully contingent on weather. An attempt will be made only if conditions permit.

Day 1 - Arrival (international clients) - airport welcome
Day 2 - Gear check and rental if not available through Evening food re-packing
Day 3 - Local hike on Cypress Mountain to check gear, boot fit and begin snow school
Day 4 - Travel to mountain venue, registration, hike to Camp 1 with stops in Old-Growth                                            and SubAlpine Forest Ecosystems
Day 5 - Snow school. Ascending and descending on snow, self-arrest, snow protection techniques
Day 6 - Ice school. Introduction to glacier travel on ice, use of crampons for ascending and descending low-angle ice and climbing moderate steep ice. Ice protection using ice threads and ice screws. Short-pitch double ice axe climbing practice. Move to Camp 2
Day 7 -  Roped glacier travel to Camp 3. Construct “Denali-style” snow camp with separate cooking facility
Day 8 - Snow ascent training and practice. Moving as a single rope team on moderate to steep snow slopes on and off snow protection. Team self-arrest practice. Introduction to crevasse rescue and use of pulley systems for assisted lifts
Day 9 - Alpine start for summit attempt. Rope team ascent to summit of Mt. Baker. Return to Camp 3. Enjoy a final alpine evening in arguably one of North America’s finest Alpine Wilderness Areas
Day 10 - Hike out to Vancouver, return rental equipment. Evening dinner with Hosts and PCC Rovers, celebrate event with new Canadian friends
Day11 - Free-Day, Shopping, Mountain Equipment Cooperative, Maple Syrup, Baker Team Dinner at Clubhouse. Catch late evening morning return flight to Hong Kong/China.
Day 12 - Arrive Hong Kong/China.
We encourage participants to remain in Canada longer for possible visits to Whistler, Victoria, Vancouver, and other Canadian/US destinations. Activities could include events hosted by local scout groups. 

 Mt. Baker or Canadian Venue
This course is contingent on acquisition of a USFS Temporary Use Permit for access into the wilderness area. Early interest is required for successful application. Should we become unable to secure a permit an alternative Canadian location will be used to conduct the program.

Course Fee: (depends on full extent of arrangements. Contact by email for pricing and needs)

Alpine Mountain Survival

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