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Guilin/Yangshuo Cultural Rides 
The Guilin-Yangshuo Tours  are designed for the casual rider who is interested in experiencing “old” China, and learning about its people, their villages, and rural lives. You’ll ride past doorways of village homes, open and close rickety gates, cross backyards while all the time thinking how different our lives are from the people you see and meet. The tour is a photographer’s dream ride come true. Around every corner is an image. Weathered windows, sun bleached brick, hand carved entrance ways, geometric fields, and lovely chinese text are all their for the imagination.

The tour is an all-inclusive ride package that takes you around the Guilin-Yangshuo area in Guangxi Province. The area is located 900 km northwest of Hong Kong and accessed by comfortable sleeper bus once across the China border from Hong Kong. The tour is based out of the town of Yangshuo a popular tourist destination for chinese and foreign tourists. It is a beautiful town, filled with character, sights and sounds. English speaking tourists love the place because the town caters to english speaking people. Don’t be surprised if approached by groups of young Chinese who want to practice their english speaking skills. Yangshuo has many english-language schools and the schools encourage the students to speak with the foreign tourists. 

Night-Life Yangshuo comes alive at night with people. A walk along West Street then through an alley to Guihua Road has you wondering just where are you. Strangely enough the central village feels like Whistler, BC. However, that striking notion is lost once you pedal out of town to where people are tending rice paddies, tilling soil, harvesting crops or walking water buffalo, ducks and geese. Bicycles without exception are the best way to see and experience China and especially so the beautiful countryside around Yangshuo. Here all roads, trails and pathways seem to take you to some interesting and wonderful place. The kinds of places you imagined you would discover in China. On clear days the scenery is breathtaking. Limestone crags dominate the landscape. Those that surround Yangshuo Town come alive a night illuminated by red, yellow, green and blue lights. The atmosphere is sensual, soft, and relaxing. Elsewhere the towering crags draw hordes of climbers from around the world.

Who should come? If you are looking for a truly amazing China experience, especially a first time introduction to China this tour is for you. If a photographer who is a casual bike rider there is likely no better a choice.  For anyone looking to begin learning “adventure travel” this is a fantastic place to start. Out of the gate you travel by overnight-sleeper bus, a mode of travel you want to learn. Our village tours take you to outlying areas where amenities are lacking and simple issues like food selection and ordering are challenging. Learning and experiencing is the key to finding your way in all parts of the world. Our selection of tour rides will help you on your way. Biking is a hazardous sport. Individuals booking the tours are required to be fully insured for medical and personal accident coverage. Evidence of the necessary insurance is required prior to departure. Team members must sign a waiver of liability on part of the leader and all other team members. 

Tour leader Our cycle leader is Darrell Bondzuk (see Leader Profile). Darrell has spent years in China studying the chinese language and has spent over 2-years in Yangshuo where he has cycled every road, trail and pathway. He is an accomplished long-distance cyclist who has crossed Canada by bike and done many long-distance rides in Canada, US, Mexico and China.   

Schedule May through November are the best times to cycle Yangshuo. For this tour we need a minimum of 8 participants and will set up tours accordingly. Have a group? Contact us for dates that work. 

Itinerary (varies to suit schedules and interest:
Day 1 - Arrive Hong Kong, welcomed and escorted to hotel (IBP) by group leader if schedule does not permit same day access to China, overnight HK or Zhuhai, China
Day 2 - Morning in Hong Kong, cross into China by fast-ferry unless same-day, take overnight              sleeper bus to Yangshuo. Dinner in Zhuhai before departure
Day 3 - Arrive Yangshuo early morning, book into hotel, group breakfast and briefing. Obtain map and your personal mobile phone for use during trip.  Go to bike locker for bike selection and fitting. Afternoon free to rest and clean-up. Evening briefing with leader. Enjoy walking streets of Yangshou  
Day 4 (Ride 1) Dragon River Bridge. Ride from Yangshuo to Dragon River Bridge then along Yulong River valley with return loop to Yangshou 
Day 5 (Ride 2) Kayak Li River to Puyi return to Yangshuo by bike
Day 6  Option Day choose one activity: cooking Tai Qi class,  bike ride, rock climb, or simply rest
Day 7 FREE DAY - self-tour Yangshuo, shop, walk, enjoy West Street
Day 8 (Ride 3) Cumquat Groves and tea plantation tour. Ride from Yangshou to Basha for views and tour, return to Yangshuo by bike
Day 9 (Ride 4)  Yangshuo to Guilin, overnight in Guilin
Day 10  Return Yangshuo by River Boat float down Li River
Day 11 Option Day choose one activity: cooking, Tai Qi class,  bike ride, rock climb, or Rest
Day 12 (Ride 5) Country ride from Yangshuo to Basha-Jinbao-Gaotain-MoonHill
Day 13 (Ride 6) Country ride through agricultural areas, stay in village overnight
Day 14 (Ride 7) Return to Yangshuo by bike through agricultural areas
Day 15  FREE DAY, REST, final shopping, evening sleeper bus to Zhuhai or Shenzhen/Hong Kong, hotel (IBP)
Day 16  Escorted return to Hong Kong Airport for departure
Number of days, tour selections, and routes can be changed to suit group interests and abilities
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