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Mountain_Equipment.html,000_Vertical_Feet.html is proud to offer mountain safety training and adventure travel  opportunities to people looking to explore the outdoors. Our services are designed to meet the needs of individuals, school groups, youth groups, and those looking to travel in the safety of small groups or self-lead teams to places that make dreams come true. Mountain travel whether on local hills or on the world’s highest peaks involves an element of risk. Our mountain safety courses are designed to help you or those most important to you remain safe while in the mountains. We offer single and multi-day courses that cover basic and advanced mountain safety techniques that include use of trekking poles, snowshoes, crampons, ice axes, and winter camping methods such as setting up tents, protecting snow camps from storms and high winds, operating fuel stoves, and meal preparation. Other valuable lessons include what to wear while trekking or snow camping, sleep systems and how to pack for multi-day trips. 

Knowing how to travel safely while in the mountains is empowering, it frees body, mind and soul enabling you to enjoy the beauty of our natural world, the environment and incredible landscapes. Come out with us and learn how to achieve your dreams. For those of you with experience or those just wanting to learn adventure travel consider joining a trekking, mountaineering or cycling team that is headed to one or more of our selected world class adventure areas in 2012 and 2013.
Mountain Safety Courses: 
Mountain Safety This one-day course is a great way to learn how to get the most out of winter  hiking and snowshoeing by proper use and selection of trekking poles, crampons, snowshoes and other gear. For a detailed description click   here.
Winter Camp Winter camping or camping above snow-line is arguably one of the most enjoyable activities in the mountains. This 2-day camp will show you how to set-up 4-season tents, build snow walls for protecting tents from high winds, dig-in a multi-person cook tent, and safely handle fuel or gas stoves when cooking meals.  We’ll review clothing selections, sleep systems, and all other gear needed for making snow camping a preferred choice. Individuals going to places such as Mt. Rainier, Denali or on expedition should consider this course. For a detailed description click   here.
Snow Camp International This truly Canadian experience is designed for chinese students 15-years and older. The course is completed in a beautiful alpine area near Whistler, British Columbia. Our curriculum includes mountain trekking, alpine camping and glacier walking. Students learn how to set up tents, use fuel and gas stoves, cook their own meals, wilderness first aid, and navigation using natural features. We hike through old-growth forest stands of Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Mountain Hemlock and Balsam Fir and camp in lush alpine meadows filled with wildflowers and mountain heather.  For a detailed description click   here.
Alpine Mountain Survival School This 7-day on the mountain course takes survival training to the high mountains where participants learn basic snow and ice climbing techniques, glacier travel, 4-season camping on snow, snow camp construction, snow and ice protection systems, food preparation and expedition re-packing. The course is conducted in the Mt. Baker Wilderness Area in Washington State, USA approximately 2-hours from downtown Vancouver. To conduct the camp at Mt. Baker a Temporary Use Permit is required. If this permit is unavailable the course will be delivered at a Canadian location near Whistler, British Columbia. For a detailed description click   here.

 Adventure Travel: 
Everest Base Camp Four experienced trekkers are invited to join a self-lead group of like-minded individuals headed to Nepal in November/December 2012 where we follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most famous mountaineers. This is a “Do-it-Now” invitation aimed at making possible that long-sought after adventure. For a detailed description click   here.
Aconcagua One of the seven highest summits in the world, and the tallest in South America, Aconcagua stands 22.841 feet ( 6,962 m) high. Four climbers are invited to join a self-lead team that will climb the Polish-Traverse to the summit in February 2014. For a detailed description click   here.
China Cycle Tours China offers exciting opportunities for cycling in a land only recently opened to western tourism. is currently in China developing cycle tour packages intended for several levels of culture hungry cyclists. For the casual rider looking to experience rural China cyclists will tour scenic Yangshuo in the Province of Guangxi. For the more well-trained cyclist we go to the foothills of the Himalayan and tour the mountainous Province of Yunnan. Cultural diversity in Yunnan is second highest in China making cycling here an experience not forgotten.  Your legs will take you to Leaping Gorge, Snowy Mountains and countless Tibetan Gompa’s.  For a detailed description click   here. 
Experience Thailand Long discovered by rock climbers this 9-day (8-night) package takes you to Tonsai, a favourite haunt for hundreds of yearly arriving climbers drawn to the beaches by towering yellow, red and black stained limestone cliffs that face the Andaman Sea. We’ve created the perfect week in Thailand - 3-days of learning rock climbing skills, a day of Andaman Sea fishing, 1/2-day Thai Cooking School where you learn to cook the “fish you catch”, a day of exploring water worn grottoes and caves by kayak while you troll for squid. We conclude the week with a day to Emerald Pool, hot springs and shopping.  For a detailed description click   here. 

Wilderness Survival and Aboriginal Culture: 
Rocky Mountain Wilderness Skills has partnered with the Blue Lake Centre and the Aboriginal Arts Council in William Switzer Provincial Park to create a unique wilderness skills learning experience that draws on aboriginal knowledge and culture. Our program is facilitated jointly by and aboriginal knowledge keepers in native arts and crafts, traditional hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering. Students will learn essential survival techniques such as fire making, shelter building, food gathering, and navigation. Hikes and treks are duel purpose for fun and training in forest and riparian ecology, wildlife and plant identification and practicing wilderness skills. Skills training is combined with native craft workshops where students work with aboriginal facilitators in learning crafts such as making authentic native drums, moccasins and needle felt work to embellish select projects. For a detailed description click   here. MountainSkills.htmlWinter_Camp.htmlSnow_Camp_Eng.htmlBaker_English.htmlAconcagua.htmlChina_Cycle_Tours.htmlTonsai.htmlRocky_Mountains.htmlEverest_Base_Camp_2.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1shapeimage_14_link_2shapeimage_14_link_3shapeimage_14_link_4shapeimage_14_link_5shapeimage_14_link_6shapeimage_14_link_7shapeimage_14_link_8