Andaman Sea Adventure Travel Made famous by towering limestone cliffs that draw rock climbers from around the world Tonsai is the place to experience Thailand. Located on the Andaman Sea east of Puket, Tonsai is tucked away like a jungle oasis free from the hustle of tourism found elsewhere in Thailand. There is simply no place quite like Tonsai where towering limestone cliffs face the sea attracting climbers from around the world. Like butterflies returning home each season they come to climb often staying for weeks if not months.  Tonsai is increasingly “discovered” by tourists wanting an “off-the-beaten-track” adventure free from the intense commercialism you find in many parts of Thailand.  Life is easy in Tonsai and made more so by a 8-Night all inclusive package that provides the best that Tonsai has to offer. You will learn to climb, catch Andaman Sea fish, cook “Thai-Style” all the while enjoying beaches, jungle, swimming, snorkelling and stiking sunsets.

 Adventure starts the moment you step off the plane in Krabi where you will be greeted and transferred to Ao Nang where a Thai Long-Tail boat takes you to secluded Tonsai. Accommodations are reserved for you at Green Valley Resort, a lovely, quiet resort that is very popular with climbers and world travellers. The resort is 10-minutes walking distance from Tonsai Beach.  You will spend 3-days learning to rock climb from local guides. On “rest-days” you will experience everything Tonsai and the Andaman Sea has to offer. One day is spent learning to fish “Thai-Style”. With luck your catch may include barracuda or one or more colourful Adaman Sea fish. The fish you catch are kept on ice then cooked by you in a 1/2-Day Thai Cooking School where you learn how to prepare fish and other authentic Thai dishes. Another “rest day” is spent kayaking local waters while combining it with snorkelling and exploring sea caves on Phra Nang Peninsula. Your Thai host will teach you how to slowly troll for fresh squid. The squid you catch will be prepared for you by our resort chief as part of evening dinner.  The week ends by completing an easy 800 m jungle hike to Emerald Pool, a gin-clear, mineral pool near Krabi. The hike continues another 600 m to the source of Emerald Spring at “Blue Pool”. Blue Pool is magical. Its deep, gin-clear waters radiate a soft, translucent blue colour that comes from dissolved minerals that upwell from underground karst springs. Included in the week is 1/2-day in Ao Nang and 1/2-day in Krabi where you can enjoy shopping and visiting the two nearby towns. Everything ends with a hotel stay in Krabi making possible for an early return flight to Bangkok and good connections on to Hong Kong or other destinations.

Who should come? Travellers visiting Thailand can choose many different tours, but for those looking to develop outdoor skills you will find none better. The tour is designed around learning as much as it is about adventure travel. The skills you learn can be used in the mountains, trekking or for basic survival. Hong Kong clients are given a pre-tour introduction to sport climbing gear and basic climbing techniques to maximize the training and learning provided by our Thailand guides. Rest-days are set up to develop other skills. You master how to use fishing equipment, bait hooks and jig for fish and squid. At Thai Cooking School you learn how to make authentic Thai curry paste and put together Thai herbs and spices to create healthy meals you are sure to reproduce. It is a unique package designed for all ages. Come, learn, and enjoy.

Chinese clients are provided an Escort Service. Your escort will greet you on day of departure from Hong Kong and remain with you throughout the tour.  The escort will provide english-chinese translation where required, ensure the group remains together and arrives on time for functions and activities. 

Schedule: Thailand can be enjoyed throughout the year. Late-November through March is high season. It is the “driest” time of year and popular because of Chinese and Christian New Years, a time when many people take holidays. May to July is the “rainy” season, but still a grood time to visit the Andaman Sea. A minimum of 5 people is required to host the tour. Optimum size is 9. With escort service this establishes groups sizes of 6 up to 10.

Green Valley Resort: Located 10-minutes walking distance from Tonsai Beach, Green Valley Resort is a popular destination for foreign travellers. While being a short distance from the beach the resort is far enough away to be quiet and relaxing. Sleeping accommodations are clean, well-maintained double-bed or single bed bungalows with fans. Like nearly all other Tonsai resorts, showers are made with refreshing non-heated water. Power is available only at night when the community generator is operating.  WiFi is available. Green Valley is given a 2-Star rating for hotel services. The same rating applies to all other Tonsai resorts. People do not come to Tonsai for 4-Star service, they come to climb and recreate at a good price. Food at Green Valley is outstanding. A popular morning buffet draws foreign climbers from nearby resorts. They gather to form teams, plan, and arrange schedules while eating enough to get them through the day. Equally popular is an evening dinner menu that features a fresh-fish barbecue where choices include squid, shrimp and 3 to 5 species of same-day-caught, sweet tasting, locally abundant Andaman Sea fish. Baked potato, corn and fresh salad are extremely popular as are the many traditional South Thailand dishes that are available. Green Valley is a family run resort. Owners and staff are courteous, friendly and will do everything possible to make your stay a memorable experience.


Day 1 - Arrive in Krabi, welcomed and escorted to Ao Nang. Host will escort group by Long-Tail boat to Tonsai for book-in at Green Valley Resort. Evening group barbaque
Day 2 - Rock Climbing 1: Climbers make a 20 minute escorted hike through jungle to Railay East to meet our rock climbing instructor and begin climbing school. The course covers basic rock climbing, use of gear, belay technique, movement on rock and safe fully belayed top-rope climbing. Advanced climbers can lead climb if certified. 
Day 3 - Offshore Fishing (Rest Day): Climbing days are separated by a rest-day to ensure you maximize training on climb days. Fishing is fully guided. Training includes use of fishing rods, gear and tackle, baiting hooks and fishing technique. You will enjoy lunch on a nearby island, have opportunity to walk white-sand beaches and swim. 
Day 4 - Rock Climbing 2: Climbers make a 20 minute escorted hike to Railay West then on to Railay East to meet our rock climbing instructor and continue climbing school. The day focuses on top-roping skills and movement on rock.
Day 5 - Cooking School (Rest Day): Today you cook the fish you caught at a lovely Thai Cooking School in Ao Nang. You are escorted to Ao Nang by Long-Tail Boat and transferred to the school for a morning Thai Cooking Class. The class concludes with you eating a tasty lunch of the food you prepared. The afternoon is spent shopping and enjoying the beaches of Ao Nang. You return to Tonsai for dinner at Green Valley Resort.
Day 6 - Rock Climbing 3: Climbers continue training on top ropes and practicing movement skills. Depending on your guides recommendations you may climb Railay East then make a short hike to Pra Nang Beach where you can take lunch and have opportunity for a short swim. After lunch you may make your way through to Pra Nang Cave, a large cavernous, pitch-black cave that takes you through the mountain above Railay West Beach. You make a short abseil from the cave entrance to access trails at the base of Thaiwand Wall where you may finish a climb depending time of day and guides advice. Return hike to Tonasi for evening meal.
Day 7 - Kayaking: Today we launch kayaks off Tonsai Beach and paddle SE to Pra Nang Beach where we explore water worn limestone grotos and caves. During the paddle your fishing guide will teach you how to fish for squid from your kayak. The squid you catch will be barbaqued for you during our Green Valley evening meal. Throughout the day you are accompanied by Long-Tail Boat which will serve lunch and be available to take you and your kayak back to Tonsai if you choose to boat rather than paddle back. Enjoy swimming, snorkling and exploring Pra Nang Penninsula. Dinner at the resort featuring the squid you caught or a meal of your choice.
Day 8 - Emerald Pool: Today you check-out of Green Valley Resort and take a Long Tail Boat to Ao Nang where you leave for a jungle trek to Emerald Pool a large, sand-bottomed, green-blue pool formed by the dissolution of limestone by spring water. Bring a bathing suit and swim in the mineral rich waters. The trek is an easy 800 m walk through jungle on flat ground. From Emerald Pool you continue another 600 m to Blue Pool, the headwaters of Emerald Spring. The morning is concluded with a short hike to nearby hot springs where skin is refreshed and soothed by 42 degree F mineral-rich water. You stay overnight in Krabi Town making the trip to the airport and your flight home  minutes away. 
Day 9 - Return Flight: Be prepared to leave Krabi wondering why you are going. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, but for you the world has opened up. You head home having learned skills hardly dreamed of by many people. They well prepare you for a next adventure.

 Nice having you, “Laew Phob Gan Mai”.


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