Winter Camp This 2-day course prepares you for winter adventure on local hills or when heading to the tops of the world’s highest peaks. You will hike into the Mt. Seymour Provincial Park where we’ll spend a day setting up a “Denali-style” snow camp and learn what it takes to handle the severest and coldest of mountain weather. We will select a campsite and dig-in, leaving tents, you and gear protected from the extremes of wind and cold that can sweep across the upper plateaus of high mountains. You will learn how to set up and anchor tents in snow. You will cut snow blocks and construct wind-proof walls for ultimate protection. We will “dig-in” a cook tent and set up a winter kitchen. With a secure camp we’ll overnight in tents giving you opportunity to test and work with your own gear and sleep systems. Participants will cook their meals from food they bring. Recommendations for meal choices and food re-packaging will be provided to help those new to winter travel or fast and light backpacking. Group dinner provides time for discussion and gaining tips on expedition preparedness. On Day 2, we’ll have breakfast in camp then use the remaining morning to dig an emergency snow cave. By noon we will break-camp, and head back to the lower mountain taking time to practice snowshoe or crampon winter travel techniques.

We practice “leave-no-trace” camping and committed to the highest standards of wilderness ethics. Participants will be required to take out all that they bring in and use “blue-bags” while on the mountain for human waste. 

Who should take this course? Preparing for Denali? Interested in backcountry multi-day winter or spring on-snow camping? Just want to see a bunch of new techniques and test your sleep system while seeing what has worked for others on snow? A Winter Camp scout leader needing more specialized training to effectively organize winter camps? If this describes you, you’ll find this course especially valuable.  

Equipment required? Full winter camp kit including tent, stove, sleep system, and winter travel gear of your choice - crampons, snowshoes, skis. If your missing anything - tent, stove, etc. let us know, we can probably cover most if not all of what you need at no cost depending on availability.

Course Fee: $180.00 (plus HST)           Course Location: Seymour Provincial Park, Vancouver

Winter Camp

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